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"Singin' in the Rain..."?

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Winter has washed over the US this year in quite a dramatic way. Record breaking, freezing temperatures making headlines and suspending entire cities from activity. Continuous rain so significant in some parts that dramatic images of flooding still capture our minds. Even in sunny San Diego rain has been more of a companion over the last few months and has bewildered spoiled residents with it's consistency. Thunderstorms, hail and flash flood warnings have disrupted soccer tournaments, canceled events and saturated backyards to the surprise of many sun worshipers.

Has rain and weather affected your city recently? What about your life? Has rain fallen onto your world leaving you stuck inside in a season of unexpected sadness or trouble?

If the answer is "yes" there are ways to weather your storm and even possibly "sing" through it with the following thoughts.

1. Lean In! Times of trouble require us to lean into our supports. Who supports you? Is it family, a special friend? Could it be a sponsor, therapist or support group? Who gets you?

Call out, reach out! It takes only a moment to send a message asking for connection and help. Your need may be practical or emotional but whatever it is it will be lifted by connection with another person. These people who support you can hold the umbrella as the rain falls and this will relieve and restore you.

2. Listen to your Gut! Many times we ignore what we think we need. Be careful, don't push away what comes up. If you are needing rest due to an overwhelming situation or stress, take it! Clear your morning or afternoon to do something healing for yourself. This could be as simple as a nap, a brisk walk or as special as a massage. Allowing yourself to rest during the rain will revive you and allow you to have more physical energy, think more clearly and restore your batteries; giving you endurance to keep going.

3. Look for Rainbows! Look for unexpected and surprising insights, joys and simple blessings in the storm. These come suddenly and without warning but quickly they appear and cause you to be in awe and connect with beauty as the sun peaks through. At times they may be faint and other times they are vivid and dramatic but no matter the clarity of the rainbow it leaves you delighted and feeling like you've received a gift.

4. Collect the Harvest! There are often messages in our storms. As the rain falls and the land yields it's crops and fruits in season, is it possible that your life too will yield fruit and abundance once the rain has cleared? Is it possible that a storm is needed to produce sweet tasting fruit that wouldn't have been possible without the rain? This harvest and bounty is anticipated and expected after the rain has cleared.

5. Look Up! Remember the One who loves you. God is involved and present with you.

Psalm 85:10 says, "But I will sing of your strength in the morning, I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble." God does not leave you unprotected in the storm but makes a haven for you and singing comes from the focus on God's character, not on the storm itself.

If you haven't already, start "singin' in the rain!"

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