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The Incredible Power of Gratitude

As we are in the month of November and approaching a day which challenges us to pause and reflect, I am reminded of a quote by American playwright and novelist Thorton Wilder who said, "we can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures."

What a statement! Do you feel truly alive?? If not, consider your treasures. What are your treasures? What are you most grateful for? How fitting that this month of Thanksgiving we could stop to reflect on this powerful and tremendous attribute. Being conscious of our treasures should not only be a momentary passing thought but it should be a powerful movement that causes us to feel ALIVE!

As you consider those things for which you are thankful you will feel a burning of

power begin to rise within you. It is this swelling of grateful overwhelm that takes over and causes the spirit and body to light up and truly feel alive!

When we are indeed conscious of those things that we are thankful for our very nervous system lights up. It is as a jolt of energy or power to charge our batteries. It indeed causes us to become ALIVE!

Set aside some time. Bring to the conscious what may be sitting in the unconscious. What are your treasures? Notice the swelling of gratitude rise within you. It is in that moment when you will feel truly ALIVE!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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